I had a blast this past weekend at Webcomics Con in Norwalk, CT. Aquarium Drinking shared a table with my brother, Nathan Wrann, a horror and sci-fi novelist.

I met some great fellow webcomickers, first and foremost were my table neighbors, the couple behind Hell Inc.

I had good talks with Scott Christian Sava, writer/ artist of a fantasy webcomic called “The Dreamland Chronicles”, (he also makes great children’s books, my 4 year old son loves them) and Michael S. Bracco Writer/ Artist of “Novo”. I picked up a copy of Novo volume 1, it has a great premise, I can’t wait to see where the story goes.

Over lunch I was able to pick the brains of webcomic heavyweights T. Campbell of Penny and Aggie and Krazy Krow (and his consigliere) of Spinnerette.

The end result is that I have the convention bug and can’t wait to get back out there.